The SCUIO (university careers information service)

6, Cours Albert Thomas Salle Olympie
69008 Lyon



The SCUIO can offer you all the documentation and advice you might need throughout your university course to help you succeed in your studies and to prepare you for entry into the professional workplace.

We continuously monitor training programs in order to gain a better understanding of the criteria for acceptance onto such schemes. We also conduct surveys concerning entry into the professional workplace, improving our understanding of how our graduates fare in the job market and the adequacy of on-the-job training.

Contact: Laure-Anne Pichon -

We are also members of the Points Relais Conseil VAE (relay advice centre for accreditation of prior learning) network.  Please contact us for any general information regarding APL criteria or help in looking for a degree or qualification that best fits your professional experience.

Contact: Michelle Blanquer - Gaëlle Pellissier -


The 3 pillars of our service:

  • Information and guidance: providing information and offering advice about higher education courses, careers and civil service examinations
  • Employment and work placements: helping you to design your own professional project
  • Entrepreneurship: offering help and advice, and supporting you in your plans to develop your own business