Financing your trip

Preparing your budget

To live comfortably in Lyon, you should aim to have a budget of around 600€ to 800€ a month to spend on rent, food, social activities, etc.
When you arrive, expect to pay around 1.500€ in the first month to cover initial costs such as your deposit, rent, electricity and water bills.

Examples of student living expenses

  • Rent: from 300 to 550€/month (varies per residence)
  • Meals: from 200 to 250€/month
  • Electricity/gas/water: around 30€/month
  • Telephone/internet: from to 20 to 30€/month
  • Transport: 31.80€ (student subscription)/month
  • Registration fee:
→ Exchange students: no registration fee
→ Non-exchange/fee paying students: Bachelor's degree | 170€ - Master's degree | 243€ - Doctoral degree | 380€
  • Sport(optional): 36€
(prices given as a rough guide)

Opening a French bank account

It is a good idea to open a French bank account when you arrive in France as it will allow you to:
  • Have a credit card and/or cheque book (both useful means of payment in France)
  • Have a bank account number known as a Relevé d’Identité Bancaire (RIB), which is necessary for any refunds
  • Receive automatic payment to your account for work, rent assistance and medical reimbursements
  • Pay for rent, electricity, gas and other day-to-day expenses
  • Withdraw cash


Ask your current bank for your IBAN (International Bank Account Number). You will need it to transfer money into your French bank account