Enrolling for a doctoral degree


A thesis lasts three years. The doctoral enrolment procedure includes both pedagogical and administrative enrolment. 
Please read the information below carefully in function of your situation.
You must enrol every year of your thesis or face removal from your doctoral programme.
Joint thesis supervision: to enrol for international joint thesis supervision, students need to prove the scientific interest of their research project. The doctoral student and the two thesis supervisors should provide solid support for this scientific interest in their joint supervision request.
Strict criteria (simultaneous enrolment with the two institutions, balanced periods of stay in the two institutions over the three years of the doctorate, among others) must be respected before any enrolment can be completed. Find out more.
Co-directed theses (known as a “hosting agreement”): this procedure allows doctoral students to make one or more short stays at their convenience in a French or foreign institution. Students are not required to submit any documents. There is only one enrolment, although the agreement drawn up by the lead institution is signed by both parties.

Applicable procedure

1st case | Initial enrolment in a doctoral programme

To apply for a doctorate, the student must apply to the appropriate Lyon 3 Doctoral School:
  • The student must connect to SIGED (the Doctoral Schools’ Information and Management System) using the login issued by the SIGED platform after requesting a user account from the Doctoral School.The candidate should then fill in the online application form and print it out. The candidate must submit the form, signed by the thesis supervisor and the research team director, to the Doctoral School together with all supporting documents.
  • The Director of the Doctoral School examines the file and forwards it, with his or her proposal, to the Vice President in charge of research.
  • Acting for the President, the Vice President in charge of research then decides whether to accept or reject the enrolment
  • The Research Department returns the file to the Doctoral School, which sends a copy to the candidate. If the candidate is admitted for enrolment, he or she then needs to connect to the Lyon 3 enrolment portal to complete the administrative enrolment and pay the enrolment fees. Final validation is subject to receipt of payment and the documents requested on webinscription.univ-lyon3.fr/

2nd case | After the second or third enrolment

The request for re-enrolment requires approval from the President of the institution, based on the proposal of the Director of the Doctoral School. It includes the Individual Monitoring Committee report and the doctoral training assessment form.

3rd case | Transfer (departure or arrival)

The student should contact the Lyon 3 Doctoral School.

A web application is available for doctoral students: STEP (application for reporting on ongoing theses)

Doctoral students can access a web application from enrolment through to their thesis defence. Once authenticated, students can enter, modify and manage notable events relating to their thesis.

To obtain your username and password, complete and sign the form (downloadable below) and submit it to the Research Department.

Download the form (in French)

Then connect via the STEP link: http://step.theses.fr