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Atelier d'écriture en anglais

Publié le 16 décembre 2019 Mis à jour le 11 juin 2021

Creative writing workshop


Venez parler création littéraire et déployer votre imagination !

Niveau minimum C1 requis en anglais.

Come talk about literary creation and sharpen your imagination in our
English-language creative writing workshop.

C1 level minimum in English is required.

We will decide together during the first session what the workshop will look like exactly, so that everyone may get something from this space, but the sessions will most likely involve three parts: one for talking about literary texts that may be relevant to our interests; one for writing, with or without prompts; and one for sharing students' writings, for those who wish to get feedback on their pieces.

Some sessions may be organized in parallel with other workshops so that we can bring together multiple modes of creation - textual, visual, and musical for example.

Too shy to read out loud your texts? We'll encourage your writing and certainly won't make you read. Want to take center stage and perform in front of everyone? We'll most likely host an open mic at the end of the semester. Have a specific literary project in mind? We'll help you hone it and make it come to life. Simply want to make time for writing in an otherwise busy week? This workshop will be a haven of peace. In short, there's something for everyone!