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An Introduction to British Literature
This survey course will offer a comprehensive introduction of British literature from the Middle-Ages to the XIXth century. It is meant to introduce the student to a deeper understanding of various literary genres, such as poetry or drama, as well as essays and works of fiction and nonfiction.
Excerpts from novels and plays will be taken, and some classic poems will also be studied. Attention will be paid to the ways in which literary texts speak to the reader, and works will be studied in terms of developments in literary history and the history of ideas. Wherever relevant, the teaching will draw on the wider historical, social and cultural context from which the texts spring. During their first year of Licence, the students are required to read as many classics as possible, in order to acquire valuable personal knowledge in literature. This course will offer some guidelines for understanding the major authors of British literature, but il obviously MUST be complemented with personal reading.


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For an extensive catalogue, and for a list of recommended works, see the Penguin Classics website :

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