Jean Moulin University receives the “Choose France / Bienvenue en France” certification

Published on January 7, 2020 Updated on May 25, 2022

Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University was awarded the “Choose France / Bienvenue en France” label in October 2019. It is one of 37 French establishments to have been certified since July 2019, out of the 165 establishments committed to the certification process.

Awarded for a four-year term by Campus France and validated by an independent commission, the “Choose France” label distinguishes institutions wishing to enhance their reception procedures for international students. It is part of the national measures launched in November 2018 by the Prime Minister as part of the “Choose France” strategy, which aims to improve the attractiveness of the country for international students.

This certification recognises Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University’s commitment to continuously improve the way it welcomes foreign students. The University meets the label’s criteria on the quality and accessibility of its information, its reception facilities, training provision, teaching support and accommodation, the quality of campus life and its monitoring of international students post-graduation.


The “Choose France / Bienvenue en France” Strategy

The “Choose France” national strategy to attract international students, announced by the French government in November 2018, is based on three pillars:
  • Improving the welcome conditions for international students.
  • The introduction of tiered enrolment fees for certain international students, alongside a policy of exemption and the allocation of scholarships endowed to embassies and universities, which will enable these welcome measures to be financed.
  • Strengthening the presence of French higher education abroad.