Welcoming students : reception areas for foreign students

Central Reception Desk

Throughout the entire academic year, a Central Reception Desk is available for foreign students at University Jean Moulin Lyon 3.

Its multilingual team will welcome students and help them in all steps of their arrival (accommodation, resident permit, assurance ...).

Student Welcome Desk 

For three months every year from September to November, the University of Lyon offers a reception area for foreign students to help them with various official procedures and with their integration.

A multilingual team welcomes students and provides them with information and advice to ensure that their arrival in France and their university studies get off to a good start.
  • Renewing residence permits
  • OFII file (French Office for Immigration and Integration)
  • Health: social security, private insurance, nutrition, etc.
  • Accommodation: finding an apartment, tenants’ rights, housing assistance, etc.
  • Transport
  • Culture
  • Jobs & entrepreneurship
  • Sport
In parallel and throughout the academic year, the Student Welcome Desk organises friendly and themed “Meet & Greet” cycles. Held during the day or after work, they help students to meet, to exchange with people involved in student life and to successfully integrate in the city.