Research at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University

Logo IDEX Lyon  Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, a member of the University of Lyon, is dedicated to the humanities and social sciences.

To enable our researchers to address the challenges facing society, our research is organised into 19 research units covering a broad spectrum of humanities and social sciences ­– from law to management science, from history and geography to information and communication sciences, from philosophy to the urban and social environment, and from literature to languages and cultures.
In the face of today’s rapidly changing societies, our University brings its top-quality fundamental scientific skills and long-term vision, and combines them with the pragmatism of the business world in a resolutely project-oriented approach. With its specific human and social sciences skills, it contributes fully to the IDEX excellence initiative coordinated by the University of Lyon, which is committed to building a world-class university.

Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University is a major regional, national and international player in the university and socio-professional environment and develops research where first-class subject-specific skills feed the thought processes and solutions relating to the major challenges facing society today.
This research development is performed internationally in collaboration with the major partner universities of the International Alliance of the University of Lyon.

Areas of focus

In its role as a humanities and social sciences university, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University contributes to the societies of tomorrow with the University of Lyon. At the core of our public service mission, there are vital challenges for the future that must be met, in particular in the three main fields central to the IDEX project:
  • Bio-health and society
  • Science and engineering
  • Humanities and urbanity

Our research units are involved in each of these areas, co-constructing multidisciplinary projects, moving beyond the boundaries of the humanities and social sciences by combining health, ecology, innovation, entrepreneurship, transculturality, urban worlds, or even collective memories of the traumas of our contemporary societies.