Learning French

French Summer School

Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University runs a French Summer School, an unforgettable summer programme for learning French in Lyon!

The objective is to offer a six-week comprehensive programme including accommodation in Lyon, breakfast and lunch, transport to Lyon, French as a Foreign Language and French Culture lessons and various excursions, including two days by the sea.

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Alliance Française

Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University also participates in an Alliance Française Lyon programme designed for international students.

The University offers a six-hour taster session in one of its six faculties and institutes as part of the “general French course and workshop to prepare students for their university studies in France” module run by the Alliance Française Lyon.

Language Centre and University Libraries

Your enrolment with Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University gives you free access to the (Maison des Langues) Language Centre and to the University Libraries, where you can perfect your language skills.

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