Courses in English

University Diplomas

(Certificates awarded locally)

SELF : Study in English in Lyon, France
Undergraduate level

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Faculty of Law
LLM : Latin Legum Magister en droit international

The LL.M in International and European Business Law is a university diploma in Law. This high-level course, taught exclusively in English, offers around 400 hours of courses to selected students from the best foreign universities in order to deepen their knowledge of international and European Business Law. This program also welcomes many students from partner universities as part of exchange program. The courses are taught in English by professionals and academics from around the world.

The LL.M in International and European Business Law degree from the Faculty of Law of Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University is one of the few program in France offering a specialization in English in Law. It makes it possible to attract to Lyon and France jurists of great expertise who, within the framework of an international competition, choose France. The diploma being taught in English, it is offered under the label DU (university diploma) and not DN (national diploma). This does not change the seriousness of the offer, the selection and the heavy investment of students to succeed in this training.
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Bachelor's and Master's Degree

iaelyon school of management

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor Business Management
"A post high school program with an intensive practice of English"

Created in 2022, the Bachelor Business Management is designed for both French and international students:
  • A firmly international dimension: During the 1st and the 2nd year, in addition to English courses and a second language, half of the courses will be taught in English. In 3rd year, students will be able to choose between a year abroad amongst one of iaelyon 120 international partners or a year in France fully taught in English.
  • A challenging general curriculum, based on detailed learning of the basics
  • A class spirit, strengthened by small groups of students (around 60 students including international students), group projects cohesion activities and community engagement.
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Master's Degrees

International Business Realities

This program aims to enlighten students on international challenges by providing them with global and cross-cutting insights into various management situations within a multicultural context. Increasing market globalization presents companies with new challenges making it imperative to educate future managers and to give them tools to meet them.

The program is fully taught in English. The multicultural mix of the participants and faculty gives the possibility to analyze and discuss business topics and issues from different points of view. The small size of the group (25 to 30 students) guarantees an interactive exchange with fellow students, faculty and practitioners.
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General Management Program

The General Management Program (Master MAE), flagship degree of iaelyon School of Management, offers an overall vision of Business Administration and a set of skills in General Management to participants of various academic and professional backgrounds: engineers, doctors, lawyers etc.Designed for both French and international students the GMP is a full-time program entirely taught in English by iaelyon faculty members as well as international Visiting Professors and practitioners.
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Executive programme

iaelyon school of management
International MBA

The iaelyon IMBA is a unique executive program, entirely taught in English over 11 months. International guest speakers, professors and practitioners come to share their knowledge and expertise with a culturally diverse classroom. Developed around a flexible part-time format, with classes taught on Fridays and Saturdays, the IMBA offers the opportunity to follow courses all the while keeping a full-time job, thereby minimizing any potential disruption for candidates and employers.
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