The University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 labeled "HR Excellence in Research" - Intermediate evaluation

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After being awarded the European HR Excellence in Research label on 4 October 2018, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University has now reached the intermediate evaluation phase. The current strategy involves a new analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and the programming of new priority actions.

A revised plan brings together all the actions from the initial phase plus the new actions programmed. It covers the period 2018-2023. This process of continuous improvement aims to enhance our research practices, recruitment, and researcher environment.

Intermediate evaluation and revised action plan

The intermediate evaluation and the revised action plan stem from the collaborative work of the implementation working groups, comprising researchers of all levels. To reflect the R4 to R1 researcher population, the groups were composed of doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, temporary university lecturers, associate professors, full professors and administrative staff. We performed an internal assessment of our strengths and weaknesses (strengths and weaknesses of current practices), and then developed a set of priority actions (revised action plan).

These actions mainly relate to:

  • Ethics and professional responsibility;
  • Research funding and dissemination;
  • Non-discrimination;
  • Recruitment;
  • Career and work environment; and
  • Training and development.

The revised action plan was validated by the institution’s governance on 16 June 2021, in the Strategic and Implementation Monitoring Committee. It was presented to the Research Commission on 22 June 2021, and was unanimously approved by the institution’s Board of Governors on 29 June 2021.
The revised action plan was also unanimously approved by the Technical Committee on 8 July 2021.