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A week of education and action against racism and anti-Semitism

Published on April 19, 2023 Updated on April 19, 2023

This year, on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University reaffirms its commitment to the fight against all forms of discrimination: racism, anti-Semitism and LGBT+phobia. This fight includes awareness-raising, training and knowledge dissemination activities as part of the week of education and action against racism and anti-Semitism from 20 to 27 March 2023.

“Re-dressing the memories of the Holocaust in 2023”

For one week, we re-dress the painful memories of the Holocaust through theatre, cinema, literature and heritage.

With the support of the DILCRAH, the inter-ministerial delegation for the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hatred

Part of the 50th anniversary of Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University

The Last Grimace

Based on the novel by Jacques Bruyas, Ed. DoMiNo, 2022
Directed by Sandrine Bauer and produced by the theatre ESPACE 44

Monday, 20 March | 6 pm
Auditorium Malraux | 16 rue Rollet

This play tells the story of Smesny, an unusual clown who died during the Second World War in the company of 480 children, initially interned in the camp of Terezin, then exterminated in Auschwitz on the eve of the camp’s liberation by the Allied forces.même de la libération du camp par les forces alliées.

Photo credit : Christian GENIN




Tuesday, 21 March | 2 pm
Mémorial de la prison de Montluc
4 Rue Jeanne Hachette, Lyon 3

After learning about the history of the prison, visitors enter the cell area to gain an insight into the conditions of detention and the role of the prison in the repressive Nazi regime.

© Arch. dép. Rhône, 4544 W 17 / Mémorial National
de la prison de Montluc - ONaCVG


A bit of history

The Montluc Prison National Memorial, located next to the Manufacture des Tabacs campus, retraces the prison’s history. Between January 1940 and February 1943, the Montluc military prison served the Vichy Regime before becoming a German prison towards the end of the war. During this second period alone, nearly 10,000 people were interned there, including Jean Moulin.

During the Algerian War of Independence (1956-1962), Montluc was used as a place of detention for prisoners sentenced to death and for women who had committed offences linked to the independence movement. Between September 1959 and January 1961, 11 Algerian members of the National Liberation Front were guillotined in Montluc.

Montluc remained a prison until 2009, and was then listed as a historical monument. It has been open to the public since 2010.


Alexandre Bande & Pierre-Jérôme Biscarat, historians


Wednesday, 22 March | 6 pm
Manufacture des Tabacs | Salle 1 | 6 rue Rollet, Lyon 8


Alexandre Bande co-edited the collective work “A New History of the Holocaust”, published in September 2021 by Passés Composés. The objective of this meeting is to transmit essential elements of our history to new generations and to question the links between history and memory.



Simone Veil and her sisters

Documentary directed by David Teboul

Friday, 24 March | 8 pm
Cinéma Comœdia | 13 av. Berthelot, Lyon 7

André and Yvonne Jacob’s daughters – Madeleine, nicknamed Milou, Denise and Simone – enjoyed a carefree childhood in Nice, but the Second World War would shatter their family’s happiness.

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