The Research Board

Areas of expertise

As per article 19 of Jean Moulin University Lyon 3’s statues, the Research Board contributes to the university’s research policy and ensures communication between the teaching and research branches of the university.

The Research Board provides information and expertise on the following subjects:

  • The direction of the University’s research policy and their various academic and technical publications.
  • The distribution of funding credits for research.
  • The initial and continuing education programs offered by the university.
  • The classification of research and/or teaching positions.
  • The research projects and contracts offered by the the university’s various organisational units.
  • Requests for approval to provide Standardised National Degrees. The creation of new university degrees and the modification of existing ones.
  • The university’s strategic plan.
  • The transfer of teacher-researchers, the integration of staff from other areas in to the research and teaching staff, tenure for trainee lecturers and recruitment and contract renewal for temporary staff in teaching and research. In consultation with a select committee of teacher-researchers.
  • Any matter raised by the Pro Vice Chancellor of the university or the Governing Board.

The Research Board is also able to provide any information relating to university’s research policy.