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Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University a partner in the INCLUDE project on the inclusion of learners in higher education

Published on November 12, 2021 Updated on January 13, 2022
Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University is proud to participate in the INCLUDE project: “The inclusion of learners in higher education: using digital transformation to cultivate diversity by transcending spatial, temporal and cognitive barriers”, which has just been awarded a budget of 7 million euros over three years as part of the ANR's “DemoEs” call for expressions of interest.

Coordinated by Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University – in partnership with six other institutions on the Lyon Saint-Etienne site (Lyon 3, Lyon 2, Saint-Etienne, ENS, INSA, Centrale), partners from the socio-economic ecosystem and local authorities – the aim of this project is to support inclusive digital technology that ensures the accessibility of training courses for the benefit of people who have difficulty attending courses, including students who are exempt from attendance or who have a disability. This objective is in line with the policy implemented at Lyon 3, and in particular with the 2021-26 institutional project.

About the project

By drawing on digital techno-pedagogies and the massive training-for-trainers plan, the INCLUDE project aims to create a more accessible learning environment and to enrich the repertoire of pedagogical and teaching practices, both synchronous and asynchronous, in order to offer learners personalised curricula, adapted to their specific needs, enabling them to acquire knowledge and skills and to express their abilities.

The challenge is also to be able to establish a relationship between the assessment of learning in all its forms and a level of competence, within the framework of an educational continuum from university entrance, to graduation and beyond.

Strategic themes

On an operational level, the four strategic themes of the INCLUDE demonstrator are broken down into 15 actions contributing to the creation of a digital ecosystem for inclusive learning.

Theme 1: Structuring the INCLUDE network
  • Structure and disseminate a change management strategy
  • Establish the INCLUDE Lab for innovations in inclusive pedagogies
  • Create a steering group with the educational and digital ecosystem
  • Massify awareness and training in inclusive education
  • Bring together, share and disseminate large-scale immersive educational experiences

Theme 2: Deploying the AgoraPoleis network
  • Formalise and implement the AgoraConnect tool
  • Design and implement the AgoraPoleis network’s delocalised campuses
  • Implement the BYOD approach using the AgoraPoleis network’s data-driven management

Theme 3: Personalising learning and analysing learning experiences
  • Provide immersive courses for acquiring practical skills
  • Implement a unique video platform promoting inclusion
  • Develop an interactive and open-source scientific space
  • Include learners with attendance exemptions
  • Create a more accessible learning environment

Theme 4: Creating a skills continuum
  • Employ a tool for monitoring learners’ skills
  • Set up a continuing skills certification system