Exhibition | Paper paths - Maps and images of travel in France and elsewhere, 19th-21st century

Published on August 23, 2023 Updated on March 7, 2024

Exhibition organized at the Denis Diderot Library, as part of the "International Conference on the History of Cartography" (ICHC) 2024.

Mobilities are complex phenomena, combining technical, political and cultural dimensions. The circulation of a wide variety of printed documents has supported their development in recent history. These documents have different functions: helping travellers (tourist guides or maps), inspiring them (fiction, iconography), reproducing journeys (narratives and exploration itineraries).

From the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries, individual mobilities became more complex and intense in Europe. As a result, maps and guidebooks, inseparable instruments of travel and its representation, underwent a wide range of changes. This exhibition traces these developments, from the printed guide to the digital touch screen.

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