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Crisis in Ukraine: the emergency aid plan and measures implemented at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University

Published on March 21, 2022 Updated on May 3, 2022

In mid-March 2022, at the suggestion of Éric Carpano, President of Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, the institution’s board of governors adopted an exceptional aid plan to respond to the urgent situation arising from the conflict in Ukraine.

Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University is committed to providing direct support to its students, particularly Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students in Lyon, whose daily lives, especially in material and financial terms, have been made extremely difficult by the present circumstances.

Additional measures have also been put in place since mid-March.

Aid measures for Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian students enrolled at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University
Emergency aid fund
The emergency aid fund approved by Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University provides a renewable allowance of up to 500 euros per month to the students concerned.

This scheme is also open to refugees from the conflict who may be accepted at the University, provided that they are authorised to join a course and have taken steps to enrol at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University.

In addition, Jean Moulin University has acted to safeguard the situation of the University’s students staying in regions affected by the conflict by covering the costs of their repatriation.
Individual assistance and psychological support

The students concerned have been contacted individually by the crisis unit set up at the University in order to offer them psychological support and to monitor their situation, in addition to providing material aid. They can also receive assistance to help them with the various steps they need to take: specific aid, finding a student job, information on the solidarity measures in place, etc.

Welcoming Ukrainian refugee students at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University for the end of the academic year 2021-2022
Enrolment in the DEUF university diploma (Diplôme d'études universitaires françaises)

The University is also offering 25 Ukrainian students the opportunity to enrol at Lyon 3 in the Diplôme d'études universitaires françaises programme (DEUF - French university diploma for non-native speakers wishing to improve their French language skills). They will be able to take part in courses in French as a foreign language until the end of the academic year.

In addition to enrolling for this university degree, their enrolment also provides them with:
- Potential access to accommodation in the CROUS halls of residence depending on availability and at the usual rate.
- Access to student services: university libraries, university restaurant, social aid, preventive medicine, etc.
- Access to the TREFLE learning and self-study platform for French as a foreign language (FLE).
- Access to an intensive FLE course from 16 May to 24 June (5h/week)
- Assistance to apply for Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University’s national degrees or for the “Gateway” University Diploma for students in exile (DU Passerelle) for the year 2022-2023.

Once enrolled, these students will be able to apply for individual aid from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region (information on the scheme below).

► Procedure and contact details for the enrolment
Apply via Campus France at the following address: ukraine@campusfrance.org copying Chantal Ortillez, DEUF administrative coordinator at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, in the mail: chantal.ortillez@univ-lyon3.fr

Individual aid from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region

Individual aid from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region for students of Ukrainian nationality enrolled in higher education institutions

Financial aid of €2,000 may be attributed by the Region to students who apply through the Region’s aid portal.

The student must register on the platform. If the application is accepted, the Region will pay the aid directly to the student concerned.

The platform is accessible to students arriving at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University during the year, as soon as they are enrolled and can send a 2021-2022 university attendance certificate.

► Contact address for the Region’s scheme: aide.etudiants.ukraine@auvergnerhonealpes.fr

Obtaining refugee status - beneficiary of temporary protection (6 months)

Students fleeing Ukraine and arriving in France can apply for temporary protection status.

This status is granted if the student meets one of the following conditions:

- Case 1: the student is a Ukrainian national and was residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022.
- Case 2: the student is not a Ukrainian national and benefits from protection (international or equivalent national) granted by the Ukrainian authorities.
- Case 3: the student is not a Ukrainian national, but holds a valid permanent residence permit issued by the Ukrainian authorities and is unable to return to his/her country of origin.
- Case 4: the student is a family member of a person falling under one of the previous cases (family members are: spouse, unmarried minor children and dependent relatives).

To benefit from this temporary protection, a foreign national who meets the conditions of one of the four cases mentioned must go to the following reception centre for temporary protection:

Centre d’accueil pour la protection temporaire / 22 rue Decomberousse - 69100 Villeurbanne.

If the file is complete and valid, the student will then obtain a temporary residence permit for a period of 6 months marked “beneficiary of temporary protection”.

This status gives access to the payment of an asylum seeker’s allowance, authorisation to exercise a professional activity and access to health care. If the student is enrolled in a university, he/she may be able to access the accommodation available in the CROUS residences until the start of the next academic year.

Welcoming Ukrainian refugee students for the year 2022-2023

New applicants for the 2022-2023 year must go via Campus France by writing to ukraine@campusfrance.org specifying that they wish to come to Lyon (indicate last name + first name + desire to study in Lyon).

► For more information: Campus France.

Applications will be examined by Lyon 3 University to assess whether the student can integrate into one of its degrees in function of the student’s language level (B2) or into the “Gateway” University Diploma (DU Passerelle) for students with beginner-level French.

Applicants who have already followed the standard procedure via the Etudes en France platform and who have been accepted are invited to come to Lyon now if they are able to. They will benefit from a temporary enrolment upon arrival.

Welcoming refugee researchers as part of the PAUSE programme

Refugee researchers can be specifically welcomed as part of the PAUSE scheme managed by the Collège de France, which examines applications and co-finances grants for integration into research teams.

An emergency scheme has been set up in addition to the existing “long-term” scheme. Applicants to the emergency scheme should be steered towards a long-term stay.

Applications for Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University are managed by the General Research Department, which compiles the application file for the Collège de France.

Procedure and contacts:

► Send your request to Martine Bouvier: martine.bouvier@univ-lyon3.fr and Valérie Dutilleul: valerie.dutilleul@univ-lyon3.fr