Assistance for student researchers

Students can benefit from personalised help in the following areas, within the limits of available resources:

Travel Assistance

Doctoral students needing to attend a conference, symposium or seminar in another university in France or overseas, may have their travel or enrolment costs subsidised by their doctoral school, providing they have a recommendation from their doctoral supervisor and that their paper is accepted by the organising committee.
Note (decree 90– 437 May 1990)

Article 3 – Paragraph 1 article 5 of the aforementioned decree of 28 May 1990 states:
“Agents called upon to travel for the purposes of the Research Office out of the area where they study or live, can claim their transport costs according to the conditions set out in section IV of the current decree and, upon proof of the actual duration and cost of the trip from the organiser, can claim a daily, inclusive, allowance for the additional costs of food and accommodation.”

Research Allowance

A research allowance is a salary allocated by the Ministry for Research through a 3 year fixed term work contract allowing the student to dedicate themselves fully to their research and doctoral thesis.
The amount of the allocation is 1658.25€ gross monthly indexed according to the pay scale of the civil service as of March 1, 2008.

See the details for each graduate school
  • Doctoral School of Law
  • Doctoral School of Education, Psychology, Information and Communication (EPIC)
  • Doctoral School of Humanities, Languages, Linguistics and Arts (LLLA)
  • Doctoral School of Philosophy
  • Doctoral School of Economic Science and Management Science
  • Doctoral School of Social Sciences

See the general conditions for application as set out by the Ministry

Interlibrary Loans

Jean Moulin University Lyon 3’s document share service offers doctoral students lower rates for interlibrary loans. The difference between the normal rates and those for doctoral students is subsidised by the doctoral school.

Numerous sources of research assistance are available suit the diverse needs of student researchers. For example, the Monitorat - preparing students to become teacher-researchers, specific assistance for cotutelles, CIFRE industry research contracts, and more. For more information about the main sources of funding for study, download this document ( PDF format)
You can also consult the comprehensive Andès – Guide des aides aux formations doctorales et post-doctorales ( – reference copy available at the document share service - SCD) or consult our Annuaire Web (in French, see resources> aides à la recherche).

We also recommend that you regularly consult the calls for proposals for the various scholarships and awards.

Funding for Study

Main sources of funding for study