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How do migrant entrepreneurs boost economies? Arqus podcast with Eurice Cascant, iaelyon

Published on December 21, 2021 Updated on November 15, 2022

The eighth episode of the « Arqus Knowledge Pills ». Eunice Cascant Eunice Cascant is doing her thesis at the Magellan Lab – iaelyon School of Management carried out un the MERGING - Integration for migrants research project, under the supervision of Catherine Mercier-Suissa and Noémie Dominguez.

Migrants are often more active as entrepreneurs than the natives of their host countries – even though they undoubtedly face several challenges during and after their move. What inspires them to become self-employed in spite of all the hardships that come along, how can we collaboratively facilitate their entrepreneurial process and why is this actually boosting host and home economies?

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Eunice Cascant
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