There are a large number of sports available to students at Lyon 3.

You can sign-up for sport when enrolling online or upon arrival at the university, the cost is 36€ (for one year). You will be given a sports card, which you will need to present at the beginning of each sport session.

The schedule is available on the student Intranet Net³.

Available sports*

  • Team sports (male and female): basketball, volleyball, futsal, handball, football, rugby
  • Fitness: zumba, step, gymnastics, legs-bums-tums, weight training
  • Dance: jazz, groove jazz, modern jazz, ballet, fitness dance (rock, salsa, tango...) Hip-Hop
  • Combat sports: aikido, French boxing, fencing, karate, taekwondo, judo, wrestling, self-defence
  • Racket sports: tennis, table tennis, badminton
  • Individual sports: athletics, triathlon, swimming, synchronised swimming, rock climbing, shooting Relaxation: yoga, tai chi, qigong, shiatsu
  • Inter-university sports in partnership with Lyon 1 and Lyon 2: horse riding, golf and diving (with additional fees); water polo, and indoor hockey.


Sports Centre Office
Manufacture des Tabacs | Level-1 – Building 5
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm
Tel: 04 78 78 78 50 |

* These sports are offered on the Manufacture Campus. You will be able to do step, pilates, modern jazz, badminton on the campus of Bourg as well as other activities with Lyon 1.