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Start dates for international students

Published on July 10, 2017 Updated on August 27, 2021
Vignette dates de rentrée
Vignette dates de rentrée

Start dates | Septembre 2021

Welcome to Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University !

If you are an exchange student, please attend the information meetings : Save the dates !

Students enrolled in the Programme d'Études Universitaires Françaises (DEUF)

Find out the integration meetings dates according to your field of study
► Management & Economics / iaelyon School of Management
Friday August 27th 
3pm | Amphi O

 Faculty of Arts and Civilisations
Thursday, September 2nd
2pm | Amphi O

 Faculty of Languages
Friday, September 3rd
2pm | Amphi O

 Law School
Monday, September 6th
4pm | Amphi O

More informations on the programme

Students enrolled in the Study in English in Lyon, France Program (SELF)

► SELF Welcome : Milling, Meeting and Key Information
Wednesday, September 1rst
9.30 am | amphitheater O

More informations on the programme

Practical information