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International MBA (IMBA)

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Nature :
Formation diplômante
Diplôme national
Lieu d'enseignement :
Niveau de recrutement :
Bac + 3
Durée de la formation :
Part-time 11 months (September-July)
Année de sortie :
Bac + 5
Accessible en :
Formation continue

Contenu de la formation :

Résumé :


Executive MBA, part-time 11 months (September-July).
A part-time training compatible with a professional activity; classes taught on Fridays and Saturdays

The IAE Lyon IMBA is a unique executive program, entirely taught in English over 11 months, international guest speakers, professors and practitioners, come to share their knowledge and expertise with a culturally diverse classroom.

Developed around a flexible part-time format, with classes taught on Fridays and Saturdays, the IMBA offers the opportunity to follow courses all the while keeping one foot in the professional world, thereby minimizing any potential disruption for candidates and employers.

Recruited on an international scale, participants come from varied cultural backgrounds and benefit from different academic and professional experiences; the diversity of a multicultural and multidisciplinary group helps to provide a comparative approach.

Seminars are interactive with modern teaching methodologies including in-class case studies, references to concrete professional situations, in class role-playing and interactions between peers and professors. Participants are not only exposed to best management practices, they  are also complementary and learn from one another.

This IMBA program is not only a year where participants learn about management theories; it is a career-changing move, a real life-changing experience, during which candidates grow both from a personal and professional standpoint.

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Renseignements pratiques :

IAE Lyon - Ecole universitaire de management
Université Jean Moulin
6 cours Albert Thomas
BP 8242
69355 Lyon cedex 08

Tél. : (33) 04 78 78 70 66
Site web

Brochure IMBA

August 2013

Magazine Entreprendre
The IMBA is part of the Best Executive MBA recommended by ENTREPRENDRE and by SMBG.

Recherche d'une formation

Recherche d'une formation

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