Digital Work Environment

Upon arrival, you will attend a meeting on the Digital Work Environment (for Exchange Students)

Student Intranet Net³

As a student at Lyon 3, you have access to the Student Intranet (Net³). Once enrolled, you can access the Intranet via or from the university webpage.

Password = to be selected it upon registration.
It will be provided by Lyon 3 and you will have to change it upon registration

Your Lyon 3 e-mail address

Once enrolled at Lyon 3, you will be given a personal email address that will appear on your student card:

It is a good idea to check your emails regularly as the university will use this as the main point of contact to send you important information throughout the year.

> Connect to Net³ and click on the heading Ma messagerie or select the Webmail tool.

Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi is available throughout the Manufactures des Tabacs campus, the campuses at 15 Quai Claude Bernard and Rue Chevreul, and the Bourg-en-Bresse campus.
Connect to the university network with your username and password.

Education Portal

The Education Portal contains all information linked to students’enrolment. By accessing the portal, students can change their password, change your address, print out university certificates and view their classes. Students can also sign up for sport by clicking on ajout du sport (add a sport). Payment can be made online by credit card.

> Connect to Net³ and click on Portail Scolarité to logon.

The pedagogical platform

On the pedagogical platform, you have access to pedagogical contents (courses, exercises, etc.) and you can work collaboratively (wiki, videos, etc.) and stay in touch with your teacher.

> Connect to Net³ and click on Moodle Lyon 3 to logon.


Computer rooms are available at the following university campuses:

  • The Manufacture des Tabacs campus | Room 266

  • The Bourg en Bresse campus| Room 301